Testimonials ForJessica Pooley

grace warm personality and professional manner

Jessica Pooley is a competent, knowledgeable Real Estate Professional and a delightful person to know. Her knowledge regarding local property, their value, related history and her extensive knowledge of local businesses were invaluable to us as we were unfamiliar with the area. She is trustworthy and sincere and it was a great comfort to us when working with Jessica throughout the process. We were very impressed with Jessica’s expertise regarding her extensive knowledge of the real estate law and Maine’s rules and regulations. She acted in a swift and timely manner yet, we were never rushed or pressured. Her handling of digital contracts was masterful and informative as we navigated our way through the process. She answered our questions and concerns immediately via email and text but was never hesitant to pick up the phone and talk to us personally if our questions or concerns were not satisfied. Throughout the entire real estate transaction, Jessica communicated with us, the seller’s realtor, and any related professionals openly. We were confident Jessica negotiated for us honestly and represented us fairly.  Her knowledge of building structure and code was excellent and we were able to move through the process quickly and confidently because of her solid relationships with related professionals.  But, it was always Jessica’s grace, warm personality and professional manner that made the transaction so easy and pleasant for us. Jessica went above and beyond what was required of her service several times and I highly recommend Jessica Pooley as a Real Estate Professional and a great person to know personally and professionally.