Testimonials ForJessica Pooley

Jessica was a miracle to be introduce to

Jessica was a miracle to be introduce to for my fiancé and I. We are both first time homebuyers , and she was incredibly patient with us as well as honest throughout the process. Not only was she professional in regards to her knowledge of the area, the homebuying process, and sources she could contact when we needed them (who were also delightful), she was also an abundance of joy and encouragement, and we very much enjoyed spending our time with her even when some houses we looked at didn’t quite fit us.

She told us from the beginning that we would know when we had found the right house, and she couldn’t have been more correct. The process for the one we’ve found has been almost entirely seamless with little to stress over continuous open communication, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

I could go on and on with praise, but to keep it brief she’s amazing!